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Why you may need industrial wall ventilation

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September 21, 2017
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The many benefits of installing wall vents

Effectual ventilation in an industrial space can aid reduction in heat and moisture along with creating circulation and an exit path for pollutants. Furthermore, it’s been proven that ventilation can really support comfort, energy and efficiency of workers inside.

Ventilation is needed in a wide range of environments and buildings, such as;

  • Pump shed
  • Storage room
  • Shearing shed
  • Chemical room
  • Sewage plant rooms
  • Warehouses

With machinery, equipment and other assets contributing to increasing levels of pollutants, noise and heat, it’s so important to address ventilation when designing a building.

Industrial louvre products such as the Sentry Venttec System and Larnec Freeflow Louvres are designed to have high ventilation to benefit in many areas. Some of the benefits of these ventilation systems include;

  • High ventilation
  • Reduce heat
  • Reduce moisture
  • Creates an exit for pollutants such as carbon monoxide
  • Enhances building appearance
  • Enhances energy, efficiency and comfort of workers
  • Protects equipment
  • Secure
  • Durable

The great thing about ventilation systems like this is that they can be installed in a variety of building types, whether they’re concrete, brick or steel.

If you think some of these areas need to be addressed in your building, then take a look at our industrial ventilation options.

Our custom-made ventilation has been proven to be beneficial in all of these areas to help enhance and protect industrial environments and workers.

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