Personal Access Doors for Precast Concrete Walls

Quality doors and frames for precast and tilt panel walls

[Personal access doors] Custom options to suit your business

Custom options to suit your business

[Personal access doors] High-quality materials and construction

High-quality materials and construction

[Personal access doors] Manufactured in Australia

Manufactured in Australia

[Personal access doors] Easy installation

Easy installation

No fuss, precast and retrofitted doors for concrete walls

Keep your staff and assets safe and secure with strong, compliant personal access doors. Need a custom size? Our team can manufacture an internal or external door to your exact requirements using the latest technology to ensure optimal durability, regulatory adherence and safety.

Our products can also be upgraded to meet any special requirements, such as cyclone or wind resistance.

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Larnec, proudly Australian made

We manufacture quality doors for precast concrete

Larnec Doors specialises in designing and manufacturing high-quality doors. Our range of doors can easily be precast or retrofitted to any precast tilt panel or concrete wall.

With our dedication to careful packaging and safe delivery, you can rest assured our doors will help your project reach lock-up as soon as possible.

  • It’s easy to retrofit our doors on-site
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability and long life
  • Standard and customisable sizes to ensure a perfect fit
  • High-quality materials for a professional look
  • Delivery updates through our National Network Partners
  • Secure pallet and crate packaging to minimise damage
[Delivery & Handling] Custom options to suit your business
Custom options to suit your business

All our doors come with a variety of options for hardware and accessories. We can also design and manufacture custom doors to suit your needs.

[Delivery & Handling] High-quality materials and construction
High-quality materials and construction

Our doors are robust and durable enough to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, and they will last for many years to come.

[Delivery & Handling] Manufactured in Australia
Manufactured in Australia

All our doors are manufactured in our Australian facilities to the highest quality standards. You can expect a consistent result every time.

[Delivery Handling] Easy installation
Easy installation

Our doors can be easily installed on-site without the need for numerous tools and helpers.

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Speedy delivery of PA and commercial doors for precast concrete walls

Wherever your commercial or industrial business is situated in Australia, we can arrange prompt, hassle-free delivery. We offer transparent tracking through our National Network Partners. We also ensure our products arrive in optimal condition so you won’t experience any hassles or delays. Cost-effective, prompt and professional, our delivery services are second to none.

Simple installation

As part of our commitment to providing a complete door solution, all of our doors are pre-hung and can be precast or retrofitted to help you avoid delays and reduce costs on your project. We can also arrange delivery directly to your site location so you can reach lock-up in no time!

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Personal access doors in 4 steps


Get advice

Talk to our team about your business needs and we’ll recommend the right door solutions.

Signing paperwork

Order confirmation

We organise the contracts for your order and schedule your doors for production.

manufacturing doors


We manufacture your doors in our Australian facilities using the Toyota Production System.

Truck delivery personal access doors


We deliver to site, store or consolidation centre for consolidation for shed kits for installation.

Download brochures and specifications for all our doors

Get all the details you need to specify Larnec for your next project.

  • Product Technical Data Sheets
  • Detailed technical drawings
  • Installation guides
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Frequently asked questions

I need a door for a precast concrete threshold. What are the benefits of using Larnec Doors?

There are several benefits to using Larnec Doors for precast concrete thresholds. Our doors are strong and durable, and they can provide a good sound barrier. We have wind, fire and cyclone-rated doors and customisable sizes. Larnec Doors are also easy to install, require minimal maintenance and create a professional look for your business with powder coating options and high-quality masonry and finishes.

What type of masonry do doors for precast concrete require?

Doors for precast concrete typically require a masonry opening of at least 1200 mm x 2400 mm. However, the specific requirements will depend on the door size and project requirements.

Is precast concrete a load-bearing wall?

Yes, precast concrete can be used as a load-bearing wall. However, you will need to consult an engineer or architect to ensure that the precast concrete is suitable for the specific project requirements.

What are the benefits of using metal-clad doors in a concrete wall?

There are several benefits to using a metal cased door in a concrete wall or door threshold. Metal doors are durable and can provide a good sound barrier. They are also easy to install and can be used to create a variety of different designs. Larnec can supply your business with strong and hard-wearing metal-cased doors for any precast concrete application.

How do I install a door frame into a concrete wall?

Use a concrete saw to cut an opening in the concrete wall. The size of the opening will depend on the door frame. Install the door frame into the opening and then secure it with screws or bolts. 

If you require help, contact our team, as cutting concrete carries a high risk of injury and damage to property.

What is the difference between precast concrete and poured concrete?

Precast concrete is made by pouring concrete into a mould and then curing it. Poured concrete is made by pouring concrete into an open area and then letting it cure. Precast concrete is typically stronger than poured concrete making it ideal for industrial and commercial settings.

How do you cut a concrete wall for a door?

You will need a saw with a diamond blade to cut concrete. Wear safety gear, including gloves, a mask, and eye protection. Mark the area you want to cut and ensure the saw is level before beginning to cut.

About Larnec personal access doors

Larnec is Australia's leading door manufacturer. Our quality commercial and domestic pre-hung Sentry™ door solutions are designed and engineered to meet and exceed requirements across a range of industries and applications, withstanding the harshest of Australian weather conditions. 

As a family owned business, we produce a range of quality, customised, and competitively priced door solutions for the shed and garage market, shipping container modifications, transportable buildings, and commercial and industrial sectors.

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