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Maximise patient safety with the Vista Safe Anti-Ligature viewing panel

Clients in the midst of a mental health crisis can pose a severe risk to themselves, other patients and staff. And, as you’ll know, desperation and agitation breeds creativity; anything can be turned into a weapon for harm. 

The Vista Safe Anti-Ligature viewing panel is a bevel-edged, round-cornered, tamper-proof viewing panel with anti-ligature handles that cannot be obstructed or used for self-harm by agitated patients. The triple-glazed glass and marine-grade stainless steel port guarantee lasting resilience in challenging spaces. The lockable panels also come with your choice of 8mm or 4mm key locks.

Whether you run an ER clinic, residential mental health facility or inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, these anti-ligature vision panels will help you create a safe workplace for your team and a healing environment for your clients. 

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Larnec and Vistamatic: a perfect match

At Larnec, we aim to offer specific and reliable solutions to the challenges our clients bring to us. We’re proud to offer Vistamatic’s anti-ligature door hardware as an optional add-on to our door leaf designs.

These anti-ligature vision panels are as rigorously tested as our doors are; both marry premium materials with intuitive, sturdy designs to maximise practicality and beauty.

For the morale and well-being of your clients, their therapeutic environment needs to look as safe, secure and comfortable as it actually is. A Vista Safe Anti-Ligature panel on a custom Larnec door will ensure that it is.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Vista Safe Ant-Ligature doors quiet and private?

Yes. The triple-glazed viewing port glass is frosted for patient privacy. The Vista Safe also features a proprietary sound dampener to silence the opening/closing of the viewing port. This allows staff to observe patients with minimal interruption, which is especially valuable during night-time check-ins.

Why are ‘anti-ligature and anti-barricade’ viewing panels important?

Ligature points are any element (such as some viewing panel handles) that a rope or bind can be tied to. Anyone who runs mental health environments will undestand the need to reduce ligature risk by installing specialised doors, windows, beds, tables, and even lighting fixtures.

A patient going through a mental health crisis, such as a depressive episode or drug withdrawal, might think to use the ligature points on a door to secure it shut from the inside, preventing staff from entering. They might also find a way to use it for self-harm.

Larnec and Vista Safe anti-ligature and anti-barricade doorsets can be critical in securing patient and staff safety.

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