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Vistamatic Vista BlackOut panel

Fully opaque when closed and perfect for discreet observation


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Vista BlackOut window panels are ideal for light-sensitive spaces

While Vistamatic’s range is typically semi-opaque, closing to a sand-blasted ‘frosted’ finish, the Vista BlackOut is 100% opaque. This allows both the observed and the observer total privacy, making it ideal for private rooms, observation rooms and offices in healthcare clinics and inpatient facilities.

The Vista BlackOut’s total opacity makes it the ideal viewing window for light-sensitive spaces like photochemical laboratories.

We can install Vista BlackOut viewing panels in any Larnec personal access door, giving you total freedom over customisability.

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Why not customise the colours of your Vista BlackOut?

Bear in mind that ‘BlackOut’ refers purely to the opacity of these door viewing ports. Thanks to Vistamatic’s creative abilities, we can order your Vista BlackOuts in any colour you like. 

You can use their colour-matching ability to create a door that fits seamlessly into your existing aesthetic, or to design a window that matches the colour of the Larnec door it’s being installed into.

Apart from solid colours, Vista BlackOuts can be embellished with graphic designs to suit your business’s branding, or artwork to set a particular aesthetic or mood.

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You can customise your Vista BlackOut in several ways, then have it installed in a made-to-spec bespoke Larnec PA door.

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Vistamatic BlackOuts are manufactured in the UK, but Larnec doors are designed and manufactured here at home.

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We can marshal our three decades of experience to ensure our products can comfortably meet all industry and safety standards.

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Frequently asked questions

What handle designs can I choose for my Vista BlackOut?

You can choose from four handle designs:

  • Standard lever
  • Large lever
  • 8mm and 4mm key lock (anti-ligature)
  • Thumb turn (anti-ligature)

What glazing designs can I choose for my Vista BlackOut?

There are six glass glazing options for the Vista Slide:

  • Toughened Glass
  • Laminated
  • Fire Rated (FD30, FD60)
  • Acoustic
  • Lead
  • Laser (some restrictions may apply)

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