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Integral Venetian blinds are secure, lasting and anti-ligature

Integral blinds (also known as internal blinds or interstitial blinds) are hermetically sealed between two panels of glass to create a low-maintenance, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing privacy screen. Operated by magnet or motor with no cords or ligature points, these integral blinds are as intuitive to use as they are safe.

At your request, Larnec’s specialists can install these sealed units into any of our personal access door designs. The combined properties of the Vistamatic integral blinds and our doors make for excellent internal (private offices) or external access doors (factory floor PA doors).

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The practical benefits of integral blind glass panels

The most immediately noticeable benefit of the integral Venetian slats is their ease of use and low maintenance needs. 

Within the sealed unit, the slats stay clean and dust-free, and are also protected from inclement weather and environmental pollutants. Placed on an external wall, that might mean the grit of the work site, but used on an internal wall it might mean the bacteria of an emergency room.

Our panels come with your choice of 8mm or 4mm key locks. With no ligature points, integral blinds also reduce the risk factor in rooms for vulnerable people, such as rehabilitation centres and mental health clinics. 

The double-glazed glass also lends the window frame insulating properties that are valuable in any context.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of facilities are integral blinds useful for?

Doors with integral blind viewing ports are valuable in any space where privacy, discrete observation and cleanliness are important. For example:

  • Hospitals, clinics and residential care facilities: integral blinds allow staff to monitor patients or give them privacy as needed.
  • Commercial and industrial offices: attractive integral blinds can be used to keep an eye on the work floor or open into corridors and other office settings, and then be closed for privacy.
  • Educational facilities: protected by glass, the integral blinds cannot be broken, disturbed or used to accidentally harm children.

Should I choose integral blinds or Vista Safe for my secure care facility?

In a secure care facility, such as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation home or a mental health clinic, agitated or distressed patients may use ligature points on doors and viewing panels to barricade themselves or self-harm. 

While integral blinds remove the risk of a cord, they are not designed for secure care facilities. 

We recommend that you consider the Vistamatic Vista Safe viewing panel, integrated into a secure Larnec personal access door.

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