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How to improve security for entrances and loading docks

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January 21, 2022
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If you have a warehouse, factory or commercial building, it’s very plausible that you have a loading dock, access point or large entrance area. While these are a necessity for these types of businesses alike, they also carry some various security risks that you should think about.

Many of these are preventable, and it’s important to take steps to mitigate some of these risks to help reduce both the financial and asset losses that can occur, and this doesn’t solely apply to doors either.

Here are some of our tips:

Keep your doors closed

We understand that in busy warehouses, especially those with many staff, are well known for leaving doors open. These can lead to trespassers and further repercussions such as burglary, robbery or theft. Make sure you keep your doors closed when possible and even invest in a door closer too to save you the hassle of having to close it each time.

Maintain your property and equipment

Broken doors, windows and panels can only entice unauthorised access, and it is even likely that these may have been caused by someone else or by natural occurrences. Regularly check your property, in particular these entry points. You should call a professional to make repairs as soon as possible, even if the damage seems minimal.

Install the correct locks

To some people, a lock is a lock. However, there are so many types that are available that suit different doors and placements. If you’re interested in finding some of the locks available, read our blog here, they could save your business.

Think about CCTV and camera security

CCTV may seem like an expensive cost, however, there are many options available for different budgets. Investing in a quality camera security system will be a worthwhile investment as it helps deter unwarranted access and also help to provide any evidence of this should it happen.

Landing gear

No, we’re not talking about flying! If you have a loading area and frequently have deliveries, they should secure this with a lock to prevent anyone leaving with your goods.

Correct doors

If you have an area that is prone to security risks or if you have something that needs protecting, you’ll need a specialist door such as a Vandal Proof Door. On the other hand, weather can pose significant risks, especially in some regions in Australia. Cyclone Rated Doors are designed to withstand the risks that these bring. If you’re not sure if you need a Cyclone Rated Door, take a look at our blog here.

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