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Industrial doors
November 4, 2021
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Your guide to safe and practical industrial door accessories

In this guide, we'll refresh you on the basics of our industrial door options, and then detail the accessories we provide upon demand. These accessories will allow you to customise your door choice to perfectly suit your site's needs.

Every successful industrial site is built on two foundational principles: safety and practicality. By safety, we mean both the wellbeing of workers completing their daily duties, as well as the security of personnel and equipment after hours. By practicality, we mean the ability of all staff to operate efficiently and autonomously.

Choosing the right industrial door design, and identifying necessary accessories for it, is vital for any successful working facility.

Larnec began as a family-operated business, and over 20 years has become Australia's go-to supplier for personal access doors. Find out more about our industrial doors by getting in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Industrial door options

Larnec is the progenitor of the personal access door industry in Australia. We are, quite literally, the most experienced provider in the business. Our industrial doors reflect our unparalleled experience in their exceptional quality.

The following three industrial doors are all customisable to varying degrees.

SENTRY 200.47

This is the unequivocal market leader in industrial personal access doors. 4-sided, fully metal clad, wrapped, and sealed, it's perfectly suited for garages, warehouses, and other industrial buildings.

SENTRY 200.80

This 3-sided personal access door is a versatile option with several different wall applications. It is double skinned and fully metal clad.


This 4-sided personal access door is designed for tilt panel buildings. These doors can be quickly retrofitted on-site, and feature reverse handing for customisable configuration. As with our other doors, they're fully metal clad, wrapped, and sealed.

Read more about our industrial door options.

With our door options top of mind, let us look at their accessories.

Industrial door accessories

Lockset upgrades

The most basic step you can take to protect your worksite is to lock your doors. It's important to pick the right lock for the job, which is why Larnec makes several types of lockset upgrades available for our industrial doors:

  • Deadbolt
  • Mortice
  • Padlocks
  • Cam locks
  • Wall-mounted locks
  • Knob locks
  • Levers
  • Jimmy proof deadbolts
  • Latch locks

To better understand these variations and their suitability for your needs, read our lock guide.

Door closers

A door left unintentionally open is simply too enticing for even the most careful of thieves. With a door lock, your equipment is safe from the slipped memories of busy staff. Since your industrial doors must now intentionally be set to stay open, personnel will remember to unlock the automatic door closer after the job's done.

Door closers are available for the SENTRY 200.47, SENTRY 200.80, and SENTRY 200.TP.

Panic bars

Panic bars, also referred to as crash bars, are alternatives to doorknobs and handles that open doors when they are pushed up against. Their intended purpose is the safety of panicked crowds, who may struggle with door handles during an emergency. However, their ease of use makes them an attractive option for entrances without heavy traffic, too.

Panic bars are available for the SENTRY 200.47, SENTRY 200.80, and SENTRY 200.TP.

Seals & threshold plates

Door seals are designed to, naturally, seal the gaps between the door and its frame. This barrier prevents wind, dust, and particulates from either entering the interior of the space, or escaping to the exterior.

Threshold plates are metal plates fitted to the sill beneath the door, bridging the divide between uneven or differently textured surfaces. These plates act as weather seals as well, and can also assist in making the doorway disability-friendly.

Seals and threshold plates are available for the SENTRY 200.80.

Viewing panels

Viewing panels are glass panels embedded into personal access doors, allowing staff on either side to look through. Security is the primary benefit of a viewing panel, since staff can immediately distinguish between fellow employees and anyone there without permission. Panels also allow staff to safely open doors without bumping staff or equipment. These panels also let in natural light, which may be of importance depending on the location and purpose of the door.

With such benefits, viewing panels are useful features for internal and external doors.

Panic bars are available for the SENTRY 200.47, SENTRY 200.80, and SENTRY 200.TP.

Air relief grilles

Relief grilles are useful for security, safety, and comfort. In contexts where doors and windows must remain closed, air relief grilles allow for fresh exterior air to enter, and for the pressure between rooms to equalise. Pressure equalisation is vital for maintaining temperature and humidity levels. Air relief grilles also aid in cooling, allowing the hot air that has risen to the top of the room to escape.

Panic bars are available for the SENTRY 200.47, SENTRY 200.80, and SENTRY 200.TP.

J-mould weather flashing

Flashings are a form of weatherproofing in which a water-resistant material is used to guard edges and seams against seepage. J-mould weather flashings are ideal for protecting your industrial doors from severe or constant water exposure.

Panic bars are available for the SENTRY 200.47 and SENTRY 200.TP.

Contact Larnec for your secure industrial door

The variety and specificity of our solutions are why Larnec is considered the vanguard in personal access doors design. Choosing and accessorising the right door for your needs will depend entirely on the needs of your site and personnel.

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