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Where and why would I need a cyclone door?

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Cyclone rated doors
September 21, 2017
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Learn how to secure your staff and site Australia's best cyclone-rated personal access doors.

Like many other parts of the world, regions in Australia are prone to cyclones. This means that you’ll need to have substantial protection from these frequent natural occurrences.

Sometimes referred to as tropical storms, hurricanes or typhoons, cyclones are a system of strong winds that rotate inwards to an area of low pressure. These winds are intensely strong and can produce speeds of at least 63km/h and can in excess of 120km/h in severe cases.

Cyclones can cause extensive environmental damage, impacting vastly on communities around the country, which is why sufficient protection is needed in cyclone regions.

Cyclone regions are defined as below:

A – Normal

B – Intermediate

C – Tropical Cyclones

D – Severe Tropical Cyclones

Areas affected most by Cyclones include Carnarvon, Onslow, Croydon and Karratha on the western coast of WA, but this is not limited to these.

A large part of northern western, northern and eastern coastal locations are also prone to tropical and intermediate cyclones across four states WA, NT, NSW and QLD. See our map below:

Australian law requires cyclone rated doors to be designed to the minimum requirements of the Australian Standards of AS1170.2. Metal clad doors are used in these cyclonic regions and have both internal and external reinforcements to withstand the extreme climate conditions that cyclones bring.

Most doors are able to be used across numerous regions, and our Sentry 380 door can be used in regions A-C. The reinforcement of this metal clad door is designed to meet Australian Standards.

Similar to this, is our Sentry 381, which has highly specified internals to tolerate the harsh conditions in region D.

Cyclone doors are used in a wide range of industries and applications and it’s important that business take steps to ensure their assets and staff are protected.

Some uses of these doors include industrial buildings, warehouses, transportable buildings and switch rooms.

Our cyclone doors also come with certificates to give users confidence that our doors meet sufficient standards and specifications.

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