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What PA door to use for a tilt panel building?

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Tilt Panel Doors
July 5, 2018
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Choose the best personal access door for your tilt panel building

With the “Tilt Panel” buildings being increasingly more popular and common place especially within commercial  construction through to apartments and larger commercial factories and warehouses. Pre-cast concrete panel construction offers durability, speed of installation and also efficiencies in cost.

For every “tilt panel” building there is always a need for access, usually in the form personal access doors. There are door solutions for both “tilt up” production and also pre-cast offsite production. Tilt panel doors need to be able to fit to any wall thickness and also have the ability to retro fit on site. The 200.TP tilt panel door is the perfect product and absolutely fit for purpose.  This personal access door has a 2-piece system, clamps directly to the concrete or brick panel and is fast and easy to install.

The ability to retro fit this “tilt panel” door should not be underestimated. Rather than the need to pre cast the frames within the panels, pushing door production lead times, you can take the stress out of the production by leaving the door to retro fit later.  We all know that an absolutely square opening can be tricky to achieve however this product will cover you for standard tolerance. All you need is your opening cut and away you go. With an extended frame architrave to cover beveled or rough edges of the concrete opening and universal handing it doesn’t get much easier.

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