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What door to use for your shipping container modification

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Shipping container doors
July 5, 2018
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With many people converting and modifying shipping containers into site offices, retail outlets, common rooms and even pop-up bars it means the need for safe, secure, easy to open and durable access points is paramount.

This means container companies need more options for personal access doors for shipping container modifications than ever before.

Frame options

There are now much more door and door frame options available suitable for shipping container doors.  The traditional framing to suit an RHS is still popular however there is another door and frame option (200.BF) where the frame can be directly welded to your container wall opening.

Flush lock available

The 200.BF comes as standard with a flush lock and as an optional extra with the 200.47. The advantage of this lock is that it is pre-installed and ready to go!

Saving time and money

The 200.BF is a one-piece unit, so no need to spend additional money on your RHS framework or even making the frame. It all costs! The one-piece unit also saves time on installation and as we all know time is money.

Different doors options

There are now multiple options for personal access doors for container. With the 200.BF and 200.47 being the most popular. The 200.BF also comes with perimeter door seals making the door more of a snug fit, also stopping water and dust penetrate the door into the container itself.

For those jobs that may be of a more budget nature, the 650.37 still give you a quality door but at a lower price.

Custom doors

For those jobs that are a speciality custom containers, the scope for a fully custom made door are almost endless.

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