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What accessories are available with transportable building doors?

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November 4, 2021
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All the essential accessories for your new modular building door

If you're in the market for transportable building doors, metal clad portable building door systems are just the beginning. Construction sites, offices, sleeping quarters, and first aid centres can all benefit from these transportable building door accessories.

Larnec provides both transportable building doors and accessories for all kinds of businesses. Learn more about the purpose and application of these products with our comprehensive guide to transportable building doors.

What comes with your transportable door?

The Sentry™ T200 transportable building door comes with a range of items supplied in the set, ready for immediate installation at your site.

These items are essential for installation, and include:

  • Pre-hung door and jamb set, with a single door leaf and a two-piece jamb
  • Lockset to ensure protection and convenient access for your transportable building door
  • Packers to build out edges around the transportable building door

Your door is now fit for purpose and ready for use. However, depending on how your door is to function, or where it is positioned, you will probably require transportable building door accessories. Read on to learn more about these accessories and how they can improve your door.

Transportable building door accessories

All of the transportable building door accessories mentioned in this article have been designed to grant greater functionality in a range of tough or remote locations.

1. J-mould weather flashings

Flashings perform the crucial function of keeping rain away from transportable building doors. They are often the first line of defence against inclement weather, and are an essential part of a weather resistance system. As the name suggests, J-mould flashings take the shape of a J and sit above the door frame. The shape keeps rainwater from entering around the door.

J-mould weather flashings from Larnec have been specially designed to support the Sentry™ T200 door, and are:

  • Effective at keeping the weather out
  • Easy to install by qualified tradespeople
  • Ideal for areas that receive a lot of rainfall

2. Air relief grilles

Air relief grilles for transportable building doors are an essential product for relieving pressure and promote airflow between rooms. They are also sight-proof, meaning that constant air transport can take place without the need for vision as to what is on the other side. This is ideal for offices or doors in warehouses.

These products are easy to install, providing a cost-effective alternative to replacing a door that prevents air transfer.

3. Viewing panels

Transportable building door viewing panels, otherwise known as vision panels, are aluminium panels glazed with clear safety glass. They allow unfettered vision as to what's on the other side of the door — a key safety consideration in commercial or industrial environments with a lot of activity.

Larnec's selection of viewing panels feature safety glass that has been manufactured and tested according to rigorous Australian standards. They come fully assembled, ready for quick installation into your existing transportable building door with no fixings.

4. Door hardware

There is a range of hardware available to compliment the function of a transportable building door. This hardware does not come stock standard, but nevertheless can make the running of your commercial or industrial space more effective.

  • Door closers use hydraulics to softly and safely close the door after it has been opened. This is an important security consideration for all transportable building doors.
  • Spring chain retainers can help prevent door damage by holding a door in place after it has been opened. These sturdy products can hold up well in inclement weather.
  • Panic exit devices have been developed in line with local fire and safety codes to ensure quick and easy egress from a building. These are essential for outward-facing exit doors.

5. Additional finishes

Aesthetics can be important to the overall function of a transportable building door. Larnec works closely with external suppliers to produce metal clad transportable building doors in a range of colours. Our solutions include:

  • Colorbond Ultra with dozes of versatile colours
  • Galvanised steel door finishes offering a range of finishes that protect against corrosion
  • Zincanneal from BlueScope steel who produce a range of matte surfaces

Start with a portable building door

Before you can buy accessories, you need the perfect transportable building door. Our Sentry™ T200 doors come pre-hung and totally prepped for door hardware or accessories. All you need to do is install your new modular building door onsite (without the need for drilling).

Our Australian-made transportable building doors are:

  • Designed to perform well in harsh environments
  • Competitively priced

We work directly with building managers and business owners to create the solutions they need, with the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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