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Top 5 uses for shipping containers outside of logistics

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Shipping container doors
June 29, 2021
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You can do so much more with a big steel box!

Shipping containers seem to have a use for everything, from storage units to offices and even pop-up shops, bars and events. The possibilities are endless.

Traditionally used for storage and cargo transport, recycling shipping containers into new and innovative ideas has become popular over recent years. They make great use of space, and are both versatile and practical. Like all good recycling methods, reusing shipping containers can also benefit the environment.

If you’re thinking about converting a shipping container, here is what you’ll need to help convert it with your end goal in mind. In this article, we will take a look at some of the wide range of the uses that you can get out of shipping container. We'll also offer some tips on what you need to do to get a shipping container up to spec.

Larnec is in the business of making modifications to shipping container doors. If you're thinking of putting a shipping container to use in a creative way, contact us to learn how we can help make it safe and secure.

Shipping containers for cafes and bars

Pop-up cafes and bars have become popular over recent years as the hospitality industry responds to an increased price of rent for commercial spaces. Pop-up cafes and bars are usually found during special events and festivals, in busy cities and in high foot traffic areas.

By using shipping containers for these, they can provide:

  • Great recreational atmosphere
  • Incredibly creative aesthetic
  • Plenty of space for making food and drinks

Shipping container classrooms

With state schools known to be becoming busier and housing more children than ever before, schools, universities and other educational institutes are looking for more ways to use their space. Take a look at this amazing idea from a school in the UK to help them cut costs by building new classrooms from shipping containers.

Shipping container classrooms offer:

  • Temporary and permanent classrooms
  • Comfortable spaces for storage with easy air conditioning
  • Multiple purposes for use, including storage

Homes made from shipping containers

Advancements in innovative design have seen architects and homeowners using shipping containers to build large, spacious, and economically friendly homes. This can give owners the option of building, designing, and fully customising their entire living space for less than the cost of buying a traditional house. It might even make you want to use one as a holiday home.

Further to this, in large cities with growing student populations, shipping container housing facilities have become an option to really make use of space to tackle this problem, while really helping to cut down on budget spend.

Some of the benefits of shipping container homes include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced living and building cost
  • Increased customisable space

Shipping container art galleries and other artistic spaces

Because shipping containers come in different shapes and sizes, their uses are wide-ranging. They can even be used as studios and be customised for the professional using it. Art galleries are an example of spaces that can really have an impact on what they’re displaying and can highlight the creativity around it. Have a look at this blog we found on 4 amazing art spaces made out of shipping containers.

Here's why you might consider repurposing a shipping container as an art gallery:

  • Easy to insulate and regulate an ambient temperature
  • Encourages natural flow of light, air, and sound
  • Simple to connect several spaces together in a creative way

Office space in shipping containers

If you’ve recently visited a construction site, you may have noticed that the office on-site is a shipping container. They can be easily transported, are strong, secure, and also versatile. So why not consider using it for regular office space? This low-budget office block was found near Tel Aviv and even makes use of one as a staircase.

There are many benefits to having your office space located in a shipping container:

  • Easy to insulate, wire, and add air conditioning
  • Moveable from site to site
  • Easy to make completely safe and secure

If a shipping container is something you’re thinking about, we have a whole range of options to really help customise and modify them, while making them safe, secure and easy to use.

Shipping container doors

The first consideration available to people looking to use shipping containers outside of logistics is to improve access to the structure. Shipping container doors do just this, allowing owners to fit a sturdy, strong personal access door in the front or side of a container.

We have two options available for shipping container doors:

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