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The benefits and uses of transportable doors

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Portable Doors
July 7, 2016
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Check out the many wonderful ways you can use transportable doors

Transportable buildings are renowned for their ability to create more comfortable settings in harsh and strenuous environments, particularly in regional locations.

These buildings are designed to be relocated, reused and repurposed, and therefore need to be versatile. They are employed in a range of industries such as education, mining, government and commerce, just to name a few.

Larnec is a proud supplier of transportable building doors for all kinds of industries. If you are looking for doors to improve the security and accessibility of your transportable buildings, get in touch with our customer service team today.

The benefits of transportable buildings

There are many benefits to transportable buildings for businesses in many industries all over the country.

Rapid deployment

When working on simultaneous and sometimes lengthy site work projects, the deployment of transportable buildings can be completed 30% to 50% sooner than traditional construction. If need be, they can be relocated easily and quickly to fit around logistics and timetables.

Security, robustness, and quality

Because these types of buildings still have to adhere to the regulations and standards of the Building Code of Australia, they are of a high quality and are suitable for a wide range of uses.

Because they need to be used on construction sites, where often they are assembled by crane, they must be structurally resilient. Due to this, you will find that they can withstand various harsh environments, from hot and dry to cold climates and other extreme weather conditions.

Flexible and sustainable

Transportable buildings house many economic and environmental benefits. For example, they use less material waste on-site while giving an extremely high quality option for the buyer or user.

Furthermore, because their main structure is constructed before-hand, this helps to reduce the time and impact onsite, therefore minimising the amount of equipment and people needed.

And, with these buildings being so flexible and versatile in their uses, recycling, refurbishing and reusing them for other projects helps to reduce the amount of new and raw materials and energy output that is needed to produce a new one.

What are some uses for transportable doors?

  • Homes to temporarily house workers onsite at mines and other fly-in-fly-out operations
  • Offices for large-scale building projects and other projects that require a semi-permanent base
  • Events as central nodes for operation and communication for staff in many different sectors
  • Cabins and other 'tiny home' projects that can be uprooted at a moment's notice
  • Classrooms for schools and universities that are currently under construction or renovation
  • Motels as temporary housing when parts of the main building are under construction or renovation
  • Toilets for events, stadiums, and other large scale events that require fast deployment and easy cleaning
  • Art Spaces to provide rapidly changeable landscapes for housing shows and entire collections
  • First Aid centres and triage locations to help support nearby hospitals
  • Accommodation to house people and staff at events, in remote areas, or in a crisis situation
  • Sheds and storage for businesses requiring stopgaps to fill the demand of inventory
  • Cafes and pop-up food ventures that require offsite storage of food and equipment

Selecting doors for transportable buildings

We know that the production time and installation time of transportable doors in this industry can be critical — that’s why our doors are looked upon favourably with the leading transportable manufacturers as they are quick and easy to install.

Fortunately, Larnec & Solutions has the perfect door to fit any transportable building, regardless of location or application.

The Sentry 200.PB Portable Building Door

Transportable buildings often have strenuous demands placed on them. This door has not only been designed to meet these demands but it also has improved sealing to counter the most unfavourable of weather, including cyclonic rain and violent dust storms.

Other features of the Sentry 200.PB Portable Building Door include:

  • Metal clad, semi solid, and steel facing
  • Quality knob and lever exit sets and industrial-grade hinges as standard
  • Additional accessories, including J-mould flashings, air relief grilles, flush locks, and panic bar devices
  • Fast delivery all over Australia, ready for immediate installation

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