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Reducing the risk of forced entry

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July 5, 2018
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Identifying the unique security needs of your facility

Every facility, factory, shed, warehouse, or other commercial building requires protection against forced entry. The real challenge lies in deciding the degree of protection that is appropriate – and therefore which commercial door products are the right option.

Larnec is in the business of manufacturing superior personal access doors to promote better security for businesses and job sites around Australia. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our products, and order now for the fastest lead times in the business.

Why is a solid door important?

A door is often a building’s first line of defence and can significantly reduce the amount of damage to people and property during a break-in. When manufactured to correct standards, doors can provide a lockable, impermeable entry point that can be restricted to whoever has been granted access.

Below we will explore the different options of secure doors available to suit your needs as a business. If you have any questions about the below information, be sure to get in touch with the friendly customer service team at Larnec.

What are your security requirements?

The first step is to determine what level of protection is appropriate for the building’s use and location. Some buildings may not require much protection. These include garages, warehouses, and other locations with valuable goods that are more difficult to steal. It is unlikely that an attacker will force entry to steal a damaged car at a panel beater's garage.

  • Retail and commercial building operators are usually more concerned with theft.
  • Government and high-end buildings tend to be more at risk for attacks that will result in wider damage.
  • The security needs of schools can range from burglary protection to improving the safety of students and staff.

Distinguishing between what you need in terms of security is important because different needs are addressed with different methods.

It’s important to distinguish between the types of threats because they are addressed quite differently. Choosing a comprehensive door security solution is often the best way at mitigating any and all threats to people and property.

Finding the correct amount of security

Specifying a steel door rated with the highest levels of forced entry resistance would be appropriate for high level government facilities, or other facilities that contain sensitive material or personnel that need higher levels of protection.

But what about warehouses looking to protect retail stock? Or other retailers who are concerned with theft and burglary?

What is appropriate for corporate offices or retail locations whose owners are generally more concerned with theft? When it comes down to choosing features and applications of steel doors, there's one simple thing to keep in mind: over-specification means unnecessary costs.

Design professionals and architects should consider the following:

  • The budget
  • The risk of physical attack and burglary
  • The severity of the risk

If you need a high level of security for any commercial or domestic door applications, the Larnec team can help you find the right solution.

The best doors to prevent against forced entry

Fully metal clad doors from Larnec are your best defence against forced entry at a factory, warehouse, or other commercial worksites with single access points. Here are some solutions that will help keep you, your staff, and your equipment and stock safe.

Sentry 200.TP Tilt Panel Door

A great solution for industrial pre-cast buildings like warehouses, factories, sheds, and buildings, this door is precast with no external fixings. It's easily retrofitting into an existing structure.

Sentry 200.47 Industrial Door

Industrial doors mean industrial strength, and this model is no exception. As a fully metal clad personal access door, the 200.47 offers excellent security. We can also supply panic bars and other accessories upon request.

Sentry 650.37 Shed & Garage Door

Rated for high wind areas, this door will not be compromised by inclement weather. It also comes in a range of double door sizes, perfect for any application in sheds and garages.

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