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More shed door options than you think

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Shed and garage doors
July 5, 2018
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Next time you think about ordering your next shed door take a moment to consider all the available options. First there is the door type, the door you order should really depend on the final application.

First thing to consider is if you need a single skin or fully wrapped door. Do you need a budget option or do you want to go for a more durable, longer lasting industrial door?

The size is also important as we can make a standard size door or bespoke options to suit your needs. If a standard size won't suit, for example if its a disabled access door we can cater for your needs.

Then there is the orientation of the door, outward opening or inward opening? Although all our standard height outward swinging doors have universal handing (reversible) when ordering in-swinging doors you will need to think about which way it swings, making sure you are looking from the inside.

What door accessories do you need? Do you need door closers, a viewing panel, spring chain retainers, J mould flashing, air relief grills......the list goes on!

So as you can see there is a little more to ordering a door than you may think.

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