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Choosing your next PA door

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July 5, 2018
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1. Pre hung metal door v door only

Always find out if the door you are ordering has a pre hung option. Door only products have the advantage of being cheaper up front however can be costly at the installation stage. Pre hung doors have the benefit of saving you time and money on site.

2. Door material (Tube v Brace Door)

Both tube and brace doors are popular in the shed and garage market, with the brace door being the cheaper option. However in a lot of cases the brace door can suffer from being damaged in transport due to it being weaker, thinner and a metal sheet folded material.  Tube constructed shed doors are a stronger more durable product but may well cost a little bit more.

3. Door packaging

With some metal door suppliers strapping an unwrapped shed door to a pallet and others having custom made packaging to suit the product, its well worth looking into how the shed doors are protected during transport.

4. Door furniture

Don’t forget to ask about the lockset! Depending on your preference, the supplier and also the door requirements you should keep in mind that you could have a knob/knob, knob/lever or even a lever/lever. Do you need an escape function? It’s worth finding out before you order.

5. Always check availability

With production turnaround times constantly being front of mind in the shed and garage market, its always worth finding a door supplier that holds standard stock doors. This could save you some time and money. 

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