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April 21, 2021
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Features of a transportable building personal access door

Transportable buildings are ideal solutions for applications like site offices, first aid centres, or sleeping quarters. They are often located in remote and harsh conditions where they are vulnerable to the elements and security threats.

Also, mobilisation of transportable buildings is typically at short notice, making production time and installation time of doors a critical factor in their availability for use. Businesses, mines, civic organisations, and government all depend on the fast deployment of transportable buildings.

Larnec is an Australian family-owned business supplying personal access doors for the transportable building industry. Find out more about our transportable doors here.

Personal access door features for transportable buildings

There is a range of exciting features available that make doors for transportable buildings a great option for businesses involved in logistics.

1. Weather features

Portable buildings face harsh conditions in remote locations. This fact is especially true in Australia, where they can be exposed to excessive heat, high winds, dust storms, and unfavourable weather.

Several features of personal access doors for modular or transportable buildings help resist harsh weather conditions:

  • Perimeter doorframe seals counter the most violent weather and dust storms. Their design resists the ingress of water and solids, keeping the inside of the building clean.
  • Powder coating is resistant to the abrasive effects of sand and wind. Keeping this coating intact protects the metal from exposure to the elements.
  • J-mould weather flashings protect the joints from the direct buffeting of rain and wind. These are optional accessories for the transportable personal access door.

The Sentry 200.PB transportable door has been designed to exceed national standards for weather-proofing. It can counter violent dust storms, high winds, and other instances of unfavourable weather.

2. Security features

Security is a significant concern for transportable buildings. Their location in remote areas makes them vulnerable to break-in and theft. The personal access door is the first line of defence. A secure door will prevent access and keep valuable equipment and resources safe.

Security features of the portable building personal access door are as follows:

  • The door is metal clad and semi-solid. The steel facing doors offer high strength and resist attempts of using forceful impacts to damage the door.
  • Three industrial-grade hinges provide a barrier to break-in. Even if one hinge gives way, the other two prevent the door from opening.
  • High-quality knob/level egress and exit sets ensure that the door is secure from tampering. At the same time, locksets can provide emergency exit capability if required.

The Sentry 200.PB transportable door displays all of the above security features. It is also escape-function compliant, ensuring that people inside the transportable building can exit safely.

3. Speed of installation features

Knowing that speed is of the essence when deploying a transportable building, manufacturers must install doors with minimum delay. Some features of an excellent personal access door make quick installation easy:

  • Prehung doors remove a time-consuming task from installers.
  • Reverse handing allows for any door orientation without modifications.
  • Their design enables installation without drilling on site. This feature reduces the potential for error and eliminates labour tasks.

Larnec manufactures transportable doors at our factory in Melbourne, but our turnaround times are the fastest in Australia. We ship from the factory to the site with the minimum delay and deliver anywhere in Australia so that you can meet your schedule for transportable buildings.

4. Accessories

Transportable buildings sometimes have requirements for accessories to personal access doors. Larnec offers air relief grilles, door closures, flush locks, and panic bars on request. Our doors are escape function compliant so that occupants can use them for emergency exits during an evacuation.

Shipping container doors

Another form of portable building is the modified shipping container. These units are easily moveable because of their standard size and the number of trucks already in service moving containers around the country.

In the case of shipping containers, personal access doors must be retrofitted. This action involves cutting an opening in the container and installing the door. Our shipping container doors come prehung, so once the frame is in place — the personal access door is ready for use.

The Sentry 200.BF is a box frame container door. It is a heavy-duty and durable door suitable for any container conversion. Installers weld this model directly into the opening cut into the container wall making the process fast and straightforward.

The Sentry 200.CD is also a retrofit external door solution for containers. However, it requires the installation of a rectangular hollow section (RHS) framework into the container wall. The door comes with flush locks and has universal/reversible handing for changing the door orientation.

Contact Larnec for your transportable building door

Larnec has a long history of serving the transportable building industry in Australia. We offer quick turnaround times for manufacture and delivery so that you can meet the schedule for building availability.

Our personal access doors offer the flexibility of being reversible. Doors can face any orientation without the need for modification on site. They are prehung and easy to install. Their weatherproofing features make them ideal for the harsh Australian environment.

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