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5 things you need to know before choosing a personal access door

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Personal Access Doors
June 29, 2021
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Insider knowledge from the best in the business

Personal access doors allow free access to sheds, garages, and other job sites, while providing unparalleled security for people and valuable assets inside. Choosing the right personal access door for your business is a key part in promoting a safe, secure, and accessible working environment.

Personal access doors from Larnec are simply the best in the business. If you're looking for Australian-made personal access doors manufactured to the highest specifications and delivered fast, then get in touch with us.

Before you get started on choosing personal access doors for your business, there are some things you should consider. Read on to find out what you need to know before selecting a new personal access door.

1. Choosing between a prehung metal door and the door by itself

Prehung metal doors are already hung on hinges, ready for immediate installation where they are needed. Always find out if the door you are ordering has a prehung option. This will save a lot on time and money for yourself and your business.

Door-only products have the advantage of being cheaper upfront. However, these options can be very costly at the installation stage. Prehung doors have the benefit of saving you time and money on-site.

All doors from Larnec are prehung. We ship doors that are ready for immediate installation onsite at your business. Our popular products include:

  • Sentry 200.47: Fully metal clad, wrapped and sealed personal access door
  • Sentry 200.TP: Tilt panel precast panel door system for warehouses and factories

With our fast lead times and shipping times, you can organise installation into your shed or garage as soon as the door arrives.

2. Door material — tube or brace doors

Both tube and brace doors are popular in the shed and garage market, with the brace door being the cheaper option. However, in a lot of cases the brace door can suffer from being damaged in transport due to it being weaker, thinner and a metal sheet folded material.

Tube constructed shed doors are a stronger more durable product but may cost a little bit more. At Larnec, we believe that these are the best option for all businesses. Although we take great care when delivering personal access doors, it's important that you choose the strongest possible product for order.

3. Door packaging

Some metal door suppliers will go ahead and strap an unwrapped shed door to a pallet, while others have custom-made packaging to suit the product. The latter is much better at protecting the product.

It's well worth looking into how the shed doors are protected during transport. Damaged doors are costly for suppliers and customers, and can lead to increased downtime at the site.

4. Door furniture

Don’t forget to ask about the lockset! Depending on your preference, the supplier and also the door requirements you should keep in mind that you could have a knob/knob, knob/lever or even a lever/lever. Do you need an escape function? It’s worth finding out before you order.

When you're ready to assess the furniture of your new personal access door, give the team at Larnec a call. We will be able to advise you on the right combination of products to suit your needs.

5. Always check availability

With production turnaround times constantly being front of mind in the shed and garage market, it's always worth finding a door supplier that holds standard stock doors. Moving on a cheaper stock product could save you some time and money.

Personal access doors from Larnec

At Larnec, we have a range of personal access doors that come prehung and ready to be installed at your job site. If you're ready for an Australia-made door delivered fast to you, we would be happy to help. If you're building a new shed or commercial site, we work with architects to develop solutions that work with the needs of you and your prospective tenants.

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