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5 things to consider when choosing your next commercial door

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Commercial doors
July 5, 2018
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Everything you need to know about commercial door solutions

Deciding what commercial doors you need may sometimes seem like an unimportant decision. But depending on what the nature of your business is, it could be one of the most important decisions you make. It pays to pick a commercial door that will support your business' operations for years to come.

Larnec is in the business of providing industrial and commercial doors for businesses in all kinds of industries. Contact our friendly customer service team now for fast delivery of Australia-made commercial doors.

While the most basic of doors may do the job, the correct door in the right space will increase safety, visibility, efficiency and improve aesthetic in a commercial space. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing commercial doors for your workplace.

We will mainly be talking about two separate types of doors available in the market today: solid-core and hollow-core doors.

What are hollow-core doors and solid-core doors?

In the market today, many industrial doors are hollow-core doors — honeycombed on the inside. These are typically cheaper to manufacture, but leave a bit to be desired in the way of strength and stability. In reality, these doors should only be used on the interior of the building.

Exterior industrial doors from Larnec are actually solid-core doors. Solid-core doors are a solid door that is far heavier and denser than a hollow-core. Our doors have been specifically manufactured to be both sturdy and affordable, giving you the best of both worlds.

Which is better for insulation, solid-core or hollow-core doors?

Hollow doors do retain some warmth. However, the lighter and less dense construction of hollow doors does let some heat permeate out through the core of the door itself. Having hollow doors on the outside of a building can make for a very cold winter.

As a solid-core door is a solid piece of material, and it is better at insulating against heat loss. Choosing commercial doors with the best insulation will benefit energy efficiency, wind load resistance, and air circulation. Larnec industrial doors are the perfect solution for businesses in cold areas looking to keep the cold out in winter.

What kind of door is better for acoustics?

Hollow-core doors can break up and disrupt sound waves. They do this by dispersing sound through their honeycombed interior. This is appropriate for an interior office setting. However, when it comes to stopping heavy industrial noise from other sources, hollow doors simply don't cut the mustard.

Solid doors provide better sound insulation more effectively due to greater density and thickness. At Larnec, we can create custom doors that limit the spread of noise to any acoustic rating required to the client’s specifications.

What security factors should you consider when buying commercial doors?

Doors that are in an area where higher security is required need to be designed to withstand high resistance to damage including fire, lighters, knives and physical attack. Doors that fail these basic safety ratings are a detriment to your business, allowing people a more vulnerable access point than other parts of your shed or warehouse.

We have door ranges that are designed to specifically cater for the business that require greater security. If you are located in an area that needs high security, or if your project requires a more solid and preventative industrial door, be sure to get in touch with Larnec.

Are commercial doors durable?

Commercial buildings see a lot of foot traffic, so industrial doors need to be built for longevity. Frequent use isn’t the only thing that wears out a door, as weather conditions also contribute to this. Our commercial doors are designed with this in mind, with wind and fire-rated doors available for businesses that need them.

Why should you choose Larnec for commercial doors?

Here at Larnec, we’re not just an industry leader providing doors for commercial and industrial markets. We're an Australian-owned family business that knows exactly what our customers need to be safe and secure.

We have been part of many different projects that involve design, manufacturing, and installation of timber commercial doors. Our portfolio includes working directly with architects during the whole design and installation process.

We’ve completed projects in many commercial sectors:

  • Hospitals
  • Apartment Developments
  • Schools
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Sports Venues
  • Shopping Centres

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